Date: 1/21/18 4:02 pm
From: Rennie Talbert <renniett...>
Subject: Cabell, Mason, and Putnam County Birding
Amy and I started early this morning, first going to Barboursville Park, then Bleinko Pond and Pumpkin Park in Milton, then to Rt. 2 to Byrd Locks and Dam, then to Rt. 817 South, then to Winfield Locks and Dam. We saw the following highlights:

Barboursville Park:

Red-breasted Merganser (4)
Ring-necked Duck (1 female)
Redheads (2 males)

Bleinko Pond:

Northern Shovelers (4 males 1 female)
Northern Pintails (2)
Ring-neck Ducks (5)
Black Ducks (5)
Great-blue Heron (1)
Ross's Goose (1)

Pumpkin Park, Milton:

Thousands of blackbirds flying in a large group, which consisted of:

Common Grackles
Red-winged blackbirds
Rusty Blackbirds
European Starlings

Rt. 817

Red-tailed Hawk (2)
Red-shouldered Hawk (1)
Kestrel (3)
Cooper's Hawk (1)
Snow Goose (3)
Northern Harrier (1)

Winfield Locks and Dam:

Surprisingly, the pond closest to the entrance had a small section of open water. In it we saw:

Gadwall (9)
Green-winged Teal (1 female) She was making such a pitiful call that I'm still thinking about it.

The other pond was still frozen.

On the river:

Ring-necked Ducks (5 males)
Hooded Mergansers (5 males, 5 females)

Rennie Talbert
Barboursville, WV
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