Date: 1/21/18 10:43 am
From: DAVID KOCH <davilene...>
Subject: Eagles (NOT the NFL kind), Koch property, Northampton County
 I went outside shortly after noon today to walk through the upper fields on the outside chance that I'd find an owl roosting in the cedar trees there. I was walking in a SW direction at the time, but when I turned around to come back up toward the house from my fruitless search I glanced up and saw a large bird circling overhead not far from the now half-eaten coyote.  And I caught my breath because it was an adult golden eagle. I watched it lazily circle but it gave no indication that it was coming down. In fact, it slowly rose up on a light thermal, at which time I noticed out of the corner of my eye that two other big birds were coming in. I figured they'd be turkey or black vultures, both of which I had already seen, but I was taken aback when I saw that they were both adult bald eagles.. So I watched all three of them for about 20 minutes as they circled back and forth, slowly rising higher and higher. At one point an adult red-tailed hawk joined them in the thermal, but only once did one of the balds dive at it. Mostly they ignored it. Eventually they disappeared over the eastern horizon above the Delaware River, going in the direction of the big fields at Alpha, NJ. And the whole time the golden eagle always stayed higher than the balds. 
Arlene Koch Easton, PA Northamptonl County <davilene...>
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