Date: 1/21/18 4:52 am
From: Bruce and Sherri Carl <000000e695e98431-dmarc-request...>
Subject: WRS - 1/20/2018 - Northern Lancaster Co.

This was the 7th year participating with this annual survey. This route starts at the intersection of Rothsville Rd & Meadow Valley Rd and covers areas west and north of Ephrata ending at the Willow Point Trail parking area at Middle Creek WMA. Total birds today was (168) which is a new daily high count for birds for this route. Some new daily high counts for species included Turkey Vulture (91) and Bald Eagle (19) with an amazing (16) birds seen sitting on the ice at same time on lake at Middle Creek WMA. A new species was added to this route when an adult Golden Eagle was seen among the (16) Bald Eagles on the lake ice at Middle Creek WMA. Another nice sighting on this day were (26) Red-tailed hawks in the same area near the intersection of Lincoln rd and Hackman with a count of (12) birds perched in same tree!! A very nice discovery on this day was of an adult Harlan’s Hawk seen along Sportsman Rd between the Cocalico Sportsman’s Club and Hickory Rd. A very cool looking bird. Some other birding highlights along route included Ross’ Goose, Snow Geese, Red-headed Woodpecker and Lapland Longspur.

** See e-bird checklist below for entire list of birds with all the details.

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Bruce A Carl

Akron / Lanc. Co.

County - Lancaster

Date - 01/20/2018

Observers- Bruce A Carl

Total time actually surveying Hours: 5 Minutes- 15

Start time 9:10 am

End time 2:55 pm (1/2 hour break/lunch)

Miles on route 67.6

TVs 91

BVs- 6

Harriers- 1 (female)


Ad. 40

Imm. 1

ND 2

Rough-legs- Light/Dark 0


M 4

F 2

Sharp-shins 0

Cooper's 1

Red-shoulders 0

Bald Eagles

Ad 4

Imm. 15

Golden Eagle

Ad 1

Merlin 0

Avg Temp.- 41 F at start 49 F at finish

Sky- partly sunny at start / mostly cloudy at finish

Wind – 5 mph sw (at start) 10 mph w (at finish)

Avg Snow cover depth - less than 1 inch – scattered patches of snow and bare ground throughout route

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