Date: 1/20/18 8:16 pm
From: bmknj16 . <bmknj17...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Lake of the Lilies redheads and Takanassee barnacle goose

Yesterday I had a small group of redheads close to the Elizabeth Avenue
bank at Lake of the Lilies (Also, if you're missing any swans, look here.)

Following, just before dark there were a few scaupy lookin' guys (I looked
from the boardwalk without binos or my lens) hugging the shore at the end
of York Avenue at Sea Girt so it's not the greatest leap to assume the
tufted might still be there among them.

And if you enjoy Where's Waldo, today there was a barnacle goose (and three
snow geese) mixed in with a few hundred Canadas at the western end of
the easternmost part of Lake Takanasee. They flew to a further inland
section at around 3.

BTW, if you lie fairly motionless in the mud on the bank of the latter for
several hours at a time partially covered by a camouflage sheet of burlap,
people on the train passing over the trestle report a dead body to the Long
Branch police. Twice.

Today's group of officers advised me to call ahead next time I shoot to
avoid a third incident...

Brett Klaproth

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