Date: 1/20/18 4:49 pm
From: Eric Smith <esmithphoto...> [arlingtonbirds] <arlingtonbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [Arlington Birds] determination and life birds
So I got a late start on Saturday, mostly due to looking outside and
thinking "I thought it was supposed to be partially sunny today???"

At around 10:30 I headed out to Mt Auburn. I checked out 3 different
screech owl holes and struck out. So I went out to the Dell and hunted
around... but no Great Horned Owl. Oh, well. I saw a few others who were
also looking (with no luck.) Eventually I went up to a higher trail... and
found a GHO. Tucked in WAY deep into a conifer (the second tree in on the
side of the dell... not where I normally see them.) It wasn't a great
view, but it was still fun to see it. I was able to share the owl with
about... 7 people, including a 5'ish year old who thought it was "amazing"
and wanted more looks. :)

Then I went over to Fresh Pond, to check on another screech owl (I hear
from someone in Mt Auburn that they has been seen recently, and the GHO had
been heard hooting around where they nested.) I didn't find any owls, but
I did find a friend who confirmed both statements.

Then I went over to Dunback to look for Long Eared Owls. On the way in I
bumped into two "mother and son" groups also looking for the owls. I took
a quick side trip to check a tree I'd seen Barred Owl before... only to
find a sleeping Raccoon. Clearly no Barred Owl there!

The group of us went into the pines and found 3 Long Eared. None were
great looks, but good enough that we were all happy. I discovered that the
Long Eared Owls were life birds for one of the Teenagers and a late arrival
adult to the group. Always feels good to help others with life birds. We
also had 2 red tailed hawks (both immatures) and a raptor flyby... I'm
guessing merlin, but who knows?

So all told I had a 2 owl species, 4 owl day.... Not bad. Wish I had a
screech as well, but it was nice to hear that the regulars are still around.

Tomorrow I'm off to find Short Eared Owls! :)


Eric Smith

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