Date: 1/20/18 4:11 pm
From: Jim Schill <sschliv...>
Subject: [JERSEYBI] Whitesbog Ravens
The Common Ravens have been putting on quite a show at Whitesbog. If you are entering an eBird checklist for Whitesbog, please use one of the two Hotspots already loaded. One is for Burlington County and the other is for Ocean County. The county line bisects Whitesbog shortly after Union Pond (the first pond on your left after leaving the village).


Jim Schill
sschliv at
Medford, NJ

> On Jan 20, 2018, at 6:21 PM, Sandra Keller <sandrakeller...> wrote:
> Zilch. We figured it would be difficult here. We drove, we walked. Nothing.
> We scanned, we pished. Nothing. What gets me is not even nominate
> Savannah Sparrow! The dike sides have been mowed. We are thinking that
> with the lack of cover and food - thats why no sparrows. It was windy, but
> there was sparrows nowhere....
> Not too much else - the usual. We ended earlier than I thought, so hit
> Whites bog. No Ravens for us. Might have been a time of day issue. I sure
> would like to try there again. Would be neat to see that many Ravens in
> one spot in Jersey!
> I still need for life for Gloucester, Salem, and Cumberland. I am not a Raven
> magnet.....
> Limited Tundras at Whites bog and Forsythe. The NWR. A lot of the impoundments
> are still very iced up!
> Good birding all. The 2017 Peregrine Observer has a great article on the Ipswich
> Sparrows. History, life cycle, why the surveys in NJ. By Michael Kilpatrick. Excellent
> reading!
> Sandra Keller
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