Date: 1/20/18 10:03 am
From: Lynne Trulio <ltrulio...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Winter BUOW sightings?
If anyone has observed burrowing owls this winter at Bedwell Bayfront
Park in Menlo Park this winter season, I would love to know where, when
and how many.
Thank you!
Lynne Trulio

On 1/19/2018 5:31 PM, Ronald- Thorn <Tronthorn...>
[peninsula-birding] wrote:
> Below are a few miscellaneous sightings Leonie and I noted.
> At Belmont Slough near Oracle we spotted from a distance what looked
> good for a Eurasian Teal. It showed a white horizontal
> stripe on the scapulars and lacked a white vertical bar between the
> sides and breast. We were trouble by that the pale lines on
> the face did not look obvious, as expected on a Eurasian Teal. We
> walked over for a closer look and there were features that
> were against it being a pure Eurasian Teal. The pale lines on the face
> were reduced and similar to the nearby Green-winged
> Teal. The background of the breast was cinnamon lacking the white of
> an Eurasian. Examining the area between the sides
> and breast, there was a small patch of white where the white vertical
> bar of a Green-winged Teal would be. It is obvious
> it is NOT a pure Eurasian Teal. There has been ebird reports from this
> location of Eurasian Green-winged Teal ( Eurasian
> Teal ).
> We were surprised to see at the shell bar off of Beach Park Boulevard
> in Foster City ( 6 ) Snowy Plovers. I have seldom
> noted Snowy Plovers over years at the shell bar and ones I have noted
> were single transients in the fall.
> The only second record I have noted in winter at Coyote Point was a
> House Wren.
> At Gazos Creek Road we drove east of the junction with Cloverdale Road
> and stopped at the bridge at Gazos Creek Road
> and Barranca Knolls Drive. Scanning for Dipper, as the species has
> been noted from this location once before in the winter.
> Downstream looked good for Dipper, but there was little evidence of
> Dipper poop. We were just about to give up scanning
> when a DIPPER flew downstream and stopped just before the bend in the
> creek. Nice to see a Dipper in the county since
> there has been no recent sightings from the bridge at Wurr Road in awhile.
> Ron Thorn and Leonie Batkin

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