Date: 1/19/18 3:20 pm
From: piephofft (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Charlotte NC Bullock's oriole

A Bullock's oriole is being seen at a feeder in south Charlotte, NC. The host is excited about this bird, and is glad for interested birders to come by to look.
The host is Carolyn Outwater, address 1319 Greylyn Dr. Park on the street, being careful to avoid wheels on grass of neighbors. When you arrive, walk up the driveway and enter the back yard thru the iron gate. The feeders can be viewed from the covered porch once you get into the back yard.
This bird is cooperative, not particularly skittish, and tends to stay around for a while when it makes feeder visits. It has been present for a couple of days.

Contact me if you have any further questions about access. I will post some pics taken by the host on the CBC Gallery tonight once she picks out the ones she wants to be shared.
Hopefully the warming weather will not turn this bird feeder-shy.

Taylor Piephoff
Matthews, NC

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