Date: 1/19/18 1:55 pm
From: Jim Arterburn <JIMARTERBURN...>
Subject: Cimarron County Sapsuckers & Longspurs

Ken Williams, Jeff Cox and I were out in Cimarron County November
28-December 1. We stopped by the Keyes Sewage Ponds and had several
hundred Lapland and McCown’s Longspurs flying around the ponds and
coming in to drink on the wing. It was an interesting observation that
the three of us had never seen before. In Kenton we found two Red-naped
Sapsuckers. When I got home and looked at my photos both birds looked
interesting in that one looked like a Red-naped x Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker hybrid and the second bird looked like a Red-naped x
Red-breasted sapsucker hybrid. I sent out my photos to one of the
co-authors of an article on hybrid sapsuckers. He agrees that the first
bird is a Red-naped x Yellow-bellied Sapsucker hybrid. The second
sapsucker, a first-year bird, he thinks could be a Red-naped Sapsucker
with the maximum amount of red that this species could have or a
Red-naped x Red-breasted Sapsucker hybrid. If anyone has experience with
the two western sapsuckers and has any opinions on this bird I would
appreciate any comments that you might have. Photos of the longspurs and
sapsuckers can be seen at this link –

I have also added far too many photos of a very cooperative Red Fox that
I have ran into on several occasions here in Tulsa. These photos can be
seen at this link –

Jim Arterburn

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