Date: 1/19/18 9:01 am
From: Jennifer Kidney <jenlkidney...>
Subject: Re: pine warbler?
As has been said before, birds don't read field guides. There have been other winter sightings of Pine Warblers in Norman, including one or two on Cleveland County Audubon Society CBCs. A picture would help.

Jennifer Kidney


From: okbirds <OKBIRDS...> on behalf of Nick LoLordo <lord9691...>
Sent: Friday, January 19, 2018 9:38 AM
To: <OKBIRDS...>
Subject: [OKBIRDS] pine warbler?

South Norman backyard; Iím about 99% sure a female visited my feeder. She ate black sunflower seeds for a considerable length of time, alternating with quick trips to flit around in the tops of the bare black walnut tree at the back of the yard.

Any other possible IDs? I ask only because Sibley and Cornell donít seem to think it likely...

Nick LoLordo

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