Date: 1/13/18 10:02 pm
From: PETER LOW <plbirder...>
Subject: [COBOL] wickiup Reservoir Birds

Hi all,

The North wickiup Boat Ramp was clear of ice, and very calm today, only the constant weird noise from moving ice could be heard but for Two raucous Clarke's Nutcrackers behind me, and a single Horned Grebe, its call carrying far across the Reservoir. Just off the boat ramp was a mixed raft of diving Duck, and a distant Bald Eagle attempted to swim ashore with its catch, not sure if it was successful or not, it was very far out.

Canvasback 26
Lesser Scaup 102
Ruddy Duck 281
Buffleheads scattered
Common Goldeneye 18+
Common Merganser 2
Pied-billed Grebe 1
Bald Eagle 3

The Dam

Eurasian Wigeon 1 male
American Wigeon c15
Northern Pintail 6
Gadwall 2
Common Merganser 4
Canada Goose 60
red Crossbill 14

On my way home at the Equestrian Center on Horse Butte Road I had very nice looks at a male Prairie subspecies of Merlin. Sitting high in a snag, it returned Three times to exact same perch between hunting forays, reminiscent of a Flycatcher. I don't recall ever seeing this behavior before. Last Winter One perched in our yard, I'm wondering if it could be a returning bird has it was only a mile from our house?

Peter Low.
Bend Oregon.

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