Date: 1/13/18 10:00 pm
From: Jeff Fleischer <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender raptorrunner97321 for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] Linn County raptor survey
Hi Everyone,

Today I completed my monthly raptor survey for the area covering east of I-5 from Hwy 34 south to Brownsville. I covered 74 miles in 5 hours 48 minutes. Started off in fog that kept visibility to around 100 yds but it soon let up and it wound up being a really nice day to do a survey :). Officially, here are the totals:

Red-tailed Hawk. 51
American Kestrel. 57
Northern Harrier. 21
Bald Eagle. 21 adults, 13 sub adults
Rough-legged Hawk. 2
Peregrine Falcon 1

The Peregrine was found as the fog was lifting on Agan Rd a few miles west of Lebanon. The bird of the day of course was the adult Golden Eagle that I found on the north side of Ward Butte along Morgan Dr. It was aggressively feeding on a sheep carcass and was very protective of its meal as 3 adult Bald Eagles looked on perched within 50 feet of the carcass. The Golden Eagle would tear a bite from the carcass and look up at the other eagles and at times flaired its hackles in defiance while staring right at them, pretty awesome to watch. I observed the feeding for 15 minutes before moving on and the Golden never gave in to the others. About 10 minutes prior to finding the Golden Eagle, I located the SAY’S PHOEBE previously reported a few days ago. It was bug hunting in the “corral” area on the south side of Ward Butte. Had a good day chasing birds I love to look at :)

Jeff Fleischer
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