Date: 1/13/18 9:46 pm
From: Paul Hurtado <paul.j.hurtado...>
Subject: Re: Sage Thrasher + flagged observations in eBird
Correct -- eBird flags (1) locally rare birds that are what we usually
think of as rarities, (2) out of season birds like winter observations of
summer migrants (like this Sage Thrasher), and (3) unusually high counts,
which is largely just a way to help catch typos.

For eBird users who are somewhat unfamiliar with the review process and
documenting rarities, here's some advice and examples of what to write (and
NOT write!) for the first two situations above:

For the third situation (unusually high count) I'll often include in the
comments HOW I did the counting (e.g. highest of three exact counts,
approximated by counting groups of roughly ten, etc) and have even included
photos of large flocks to verify the observation.

Also, remember to submit documentation to the NBRC for those species on the
state review list:

Good birding,
Paul Hurtado

On Jan 13, 2018 1:49 PM, "chukarinnv" <chukarinnv...> wrote:

> I found a Sage Thrasher behind the fosdick fulfillment center in Stead.
> Ebird flagged as rare. Is that because of time of year?
> Chuck Coxe Sparks NV.
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