Date: 1/13/18 8:54 pm
From: Eric Storms <ericbs1975...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] La Honda and beyond
I managed to get in a full day on birding today, starting at the new La Honda open space folks have been raving about. It is well worth the visit! There was a FERRUGINIOUS HAWK on a power pole just as we entered. We were able to get great looks at it before it made a strike at something on the ground and then flew off. The LARK SPARROWS and VESPER SPARROWS were found together on the trail about 1/4 mile or so in. The LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE was found as you make the corner just through the second gate. Many other birds were seen but those were the highlights. Checklists below for the whole list.
Next was the reflecting pond at La Honda, just down the street. RING-NECKED DUCKs were there as well a pair of CANVASBACKS and MALLARDS. No hooded mergansers :-(
We paid a visit to Pescadero to try our luck with the YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER. Much to my delight we found it after just a few minutes of looking. It came from the willow trees and then into the Eucalyptus. Seems to have an established loop, so if you don’t see it at first just hang in there! Next was water lane. Nothing of note bird wise, however the rangers were there continuing to cut the trail. It is even further than before, approx 1/2 mile with two spots in which you can make your way to the creek. Looks like they plan to continue more still.
Stopped at Johnston House and found 8 - 10 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE.. They were dead center in the plowed field across from the house, the most inconvenient place possible with respect to viewing! Have a few pictures on the checklist, not great shots as they were out of reach of my camera, but passable for ID. Additionally, there was a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE, on the power line just as you entered the property.
Lastly, decided to try for one more rarity to close the day and shot over to Facebook for the HARRIS’S SPARROW. We found the sparrow flock at the end of the building just past the basketball courts. After a minute of two the Harris’s popped out from the bush and was scratching away at the ground.

Happy birding!
Eric Storms
San Carlos

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