Date: 1/13/18 8:15 pm
From: H Cotter <chatwren...> [SFBirds] <SFBirds-noreply...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Battery Godfrey 01.13.18-Highlights :Geese and Waterfowl
I spent approx 6 hours on Battery Godfrey this morning and it was one of
those special days in which the geese and ducks kept on moving. Thousands
of birds were observed.
Joined by Paul Saraceni and Jonah for part of the time and Tracy (sorry I
did not get your surname).
highlights included;

Cackling Geese: mostly Aleutian, estimated at 1800 in multiple flocks,
largest being 290.
Canada Geese: 5 non locals
G WF Goose; estimated at 1000: largest flock approx 300.
Ross’s Goose ; 14, mostly mixed in with other geese.
Snow Goose; approx 40 birds in multiple groups mostly with other Geese
including Ross’s.

At one point all five Goose species were visible in the air at one time.

Canvasback: 1 male
Pintail; 1200 to 1400: multiple groups
American Wigeon; 700-800: again multiple flocks
mallard; estimate at 60
Shoveler; estimate at 300-400
RN Duck; 5, 4male,1 female
Greater Scaup: 40
Lesser Scaup: 2 with greaters
GW teal; 2

100’s of other un-Ided ducks and geese. Many loons moving also.

Land bird highlights included many YR Warbler, BT Pigeon and 3 non local
I left at 1.30 pm and there were still birds moving.


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