Date: 1/13/18 7:42 pm
From: Tiffany Manger <77trinket...>
Subject: [RV Birds] POSSIBLE Solitary Sandpiper????
Hi all. Nala Cardillo and I were at Kirtland Ponds at ~4:15-4:30 p.m. when
she spotted something near/kind of hanging out with a bunch of Least
Sandpiper's in the northwest 1/4 of the first "pond" on the left, last seen
flying towards the east side of the pond.

I checked the legs and did NOT see bright yellow, plus it didn't seem tall
enough to be a Lesser Yellowlegs when compared to the Least Sandpiper's.
Unfortunately, I didn't see the legs well enough to say if they were
greenish-yellow with mud or not. It had more of a neck than a Spotted
Sandpiper. It was not bobbing at all as we watched it, nor did we see a
white "notch" above/in front of it's wing. It had a straight bill that was
the length of it's head, MAYBE a bit longer. It flushed several times with
the Least's, but never vocalized (but neither did the Least's.) It had a
dark breast and very clean white underparts. I was also pretty sure I saw
"spectacles"/eye ring, but Nala didn't see this (although I might have been
hogging the scope. 🤓🤗🤔)

I compared my pics from the Solitary Sandpiper Bob Hunter located in August
and I feel pretty confident.......but could be wrong, for sure! Unfortunately
we had to leave before we could refind it after it flew to the other side
of the pond and separated from the Least Sandpiper's.

I know, Solitary Sandpiper's aren't "supposed" to be here right now (even
though they are rare at all times in JaCo.) However I wanted to let
everyone know in case you were thinking of hitting up Kirtland tomorrow.
I'll definitely be going back!

And if it DOES end up being a Lesser Yellowlegs......well, I'll eat crow,
then. (Although I really think I'd prefer to eat chicken. 🤓😉)


Tiffany Manger

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