Date: 1/13/18 6:05 pm
From: roger freeman <carrotguy55...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Bald Eagle attacks Cackling Geese at 1500-2000' altitude
Of course, calling all of these Cackling Goose is presumptuous due to the
clear variation in size in Canada and Cackling geese and the distance I was
observing at. My call was actually more based on the fact that the eagle
appeared significantly larger. Please disregard or discount that
declaration of specific *Branta *species.

Still a very cool observation!
Roger Freeman

On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 5:52 PM, roger freeman <carrotguy55...>

> While working in my yard (east of Silverton OR) this afternoon about 4 pm,
> I heard, then watched about 150 Cackling Geese flying over at an estimated
> 1500-2000' altitude. They were in 3 loose flocks of varying sizes and
> heading in a southerly direction. Since I don't get geese flying over our
> place very often, I stopped and watched. The skies were clear and winds
> calm.
> I then spotted an adult Bald Eagle (in the bright evening sunlight, I
> could make out the white head) show up a few hundred yards away from the
> flying geese. The geese held formation but it was clear the eagle was
> positioning for a possible pursuit. As the geese approached a few hundred
> meters from the Bald Eagle, the eagle turned towards the geese and started
> to pursue from a rear position. The eagle accelerated in and came in
> behind the smaller rear group. It wasn't clear if the eagle was flying
> higher and possibly making a shallow dive.
> Just before I lost the entire group behind the tree line, I could see the
> eagle make contact with one of the geese. I have no idea if it made a
> successful kill or not. The whole episode from when I first spotted the
> geese was about 60 seconds.
> I am curious if others have observed a relatively high altitude pursuit
> from a Bald Eagle. I found this article from 1986 of a similar observation
> of a Bald Eagle attacking a large group of flying Snow Geese but the
> altitude isn't clear.
> 2/p00075-p00076.pdf
> Roger Freeman
> east of Silverton OR

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