Date: 1/13/18 6:06 pm
From: G & J Fenton Friesen <friesen.fenton...>
Subject: East of Newton
I did a few outings east of town today. To start, In Harvey County I
visited about 7 places listening for Eastern Screech-owls and dipped at
each. Not sure what is up there. Other places:

Walton Cemetery. (HV). This is an ebird hotspot but today it was an ebird
coldspot. Not a single bird; even the sunflower patch by the dirt mound
held nothing. I entered a big zero for that list. I noted a grave for a
man whose middle name was "Work." Equally odd. I imagine he did not bird

Osage Nature Trail (HV). Sort of birdy with a number of Fox Sparrows
(FOSP). Even a Spotted Towhee (SPTO) to add to the year list. Nothing out
of the ordinary.

HV County East Park: Mostly frozen over but Mallards (MALL) and Common
Goldeneye (COGO) and Common Mergansers (COME) along with thousands of
geese. No eagles today.

My wife joined me driving east in the PM with a goal of finding Short-eared
Owls (SEOW). As we got into Butler County we started seeing Rough-legged
Hawks (RLHA). By the time we reached Cassoday (BU) they outnumbered
Red-tailed Hawks (RTHA) 2 to 1. The Cassody City park yielded 4 species of
woodpeckers (Butler County), Fox Lake held Canada Geese (CANG) and European
Starlings (EUST) and Teter Rock (Greenwood County) held one lone Eastern
Meadowlark (EAME). We started west for home at sunset and just east of the
Teterville exit off Greenwood County road 300 a single Short-eared Owl
(SEOW) flew across the road with its odd and irregular wing beats. Several
more stops for screech owls failed to find any and I remain amazed that
I've seen Snowy Owl (SNOW), Barred Owl (BADO) and Short-eared Owl (SEOW)
this year but not Great Horned or Eastern Screech.

Gregg Friesen

Gregg & Joanna Fenton Friesen
Newton, KS

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