Date: 1/13/18 4:05 pm
From: Rob Fowler <migratoriusfwlr...> [nwcalbird] <nwcalbird-noreply...>
Subject: [nwcalbird] Vega Herring Gull and continuing Harlan's yesterday, 12 January 2018
Hi all,
Apologies for the late post.

Yesterday I made a a quick check on the V St loop for the light morph
Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk I found on 8 January. The bird was found readily
perching low on the tower near the Pacheco intersection. Greg Chapman
showed up soon after and also got to enjoy the bird. I should note that
this bird is VERY FLIGHTY and gets uneasy when one just gets out of their
car on the loop! I actually parked out of sight of the tower the bird was
on and then walked the road until i could view it and it didn't take long
for it to take flight to land in the next tower to the east. Poor photo and
video of the bird can be seen here:

I am pretty sure this is the same light morph Harlan's I found in the
general area last year:

After watching the hawk for a bit I drove through the bottoms pretty
quickly until I saw a gull flock off of Heindon Road and stopped to take a
look. I almost immediately spotted a dark-backed Herring-type gull which
turned out to be an adult Vega Herring Gull. Photos and words and stuff on
my eBird list here:

As far as I know this might only be the 2nd adult Vega in Humboldt county
and one of the few found in California.



Rob Fowler
McKinleyville, CA


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