Date: 1/13/18 2:21 pm
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Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Scott's oriole, etc in Nestor 1-13-18
Around 9 am this morning, Elizabeth Copper, another birder (I am so sorry I missed your name!!), and I observed a male Scott's oriole, a female Bullock's oriole, and a female hooded oriole perched in the upper bare branches of a eucalyptus tree along the gated private driveway on the south side of Leon St in Nestor across from Berry Park. All three flew out of view to the east and we were unable to refind them.
Around 11:20, a Wilson's warbler was first heard then seen in a scrubby willow patch at the SW corner of Tocayo & Hollister, then flew north into a dense ficus. At least 6 black-throated magpie-jays were seen in the private stables NW of the west end of Tocayo.

Ignore the rest of this if you don't want to hear about sightings of continuing birds.
On returning to Berry Park later in the morning with Guy, Dave, & other birders, the continuing yellow warbler was heard then seen just west of the driveway gate on the south side of Leon, phainopeplas were moving through, and the red-throated pipit was seen initially around 11 am along the south edge of the school yard then shifted to the fenceline between Berry Park & the schoolyard (it was not seen on our earlier visit). Yet again, the dusky-capped flycatcher was not seen or heard.
Tesoro Grove continued to prove its hot status, although note that the rarities appear to shift in & out of the immediate vicinity and there were relatively long periods with few to none of the rare species in view. While several were seen/heard along the willow corridor, waiting & watching near the flowering eucalyptus in the NW corner was the most productive, with Guy reporting western tanager earlier, and several of us being treated to summer tanager (dull yellow female-type), at least 2 male black-throated gray warblers, Townsend's warblers, a Wilson's warbler, the male Baltimore oriole, female orchard oriole, and 2 Bullock's orioles (a dull female and brighter possibly young male). Across the street to south, several of us at Nestor Park had at least 3 red-breasted nuthatches, female vermilion flycatcher along SW fence, up to 2 more black-throated grays, and the black-and-white warbler was in the NE corner.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA

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