Date: 1/13/18 1:12 pm
From: Debbie Zalmana <000000a9b87b077a-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Mountain Chickadees, NW Reno yard
I have had the good luck to have two mountain chickadees at my feeders in downtown Reno (Sharon Way near Mt. Rose Street) for about four years. Two years ago they adopted one of my three bird houses and raised/fledged one chick! So then I had three coming to the feeders.

Last spring the adults adopted a different birdhouse that I had swinging from a tree branch. To my horror, after a windy spring day I went to the back yard and found the branch supporting the nest box had broken off and it and the nest box were on the ground! I gingerly opened the box to find six inches of beautiful nest fluff inside, with two tiny eggs that were smashed in the fall. I shed tears over that!

I cleaned out the egg residue, left the fluff and moved the box to the metal post supporting my clothesline. The three chickadees are still coming to the feeders every day, so I hope they either adopt this nest box, or go back to the first one, and give me another chick or two this spring.

I agree, their happy little song is most welcome!

Debbie Z

> On Jan 13, 2018, at 12:52 PM, Jeff Bleam <jcbleam...> wrote:
> The MOUNTAIN CHICKADEES have come down from higher elevations in my lower
> Whites Creek patch. Along with them I have seen BROWN CREEPERS, the 3
> within about a 1km range from Timberline road towards the parking area at
> the trailhead with not much activity further up Whites Creek or below
> Timberline. Where there are Chickadees there is hope.
> Jeff Bleam
> Mt Rose Foothills, NV
>> On Sat, Jan 13, 2018 at 10:56 AM, Brian Adams <bra356...> wrote:
>> FWIW I've got a handful of Mountain Chickadees gleaning in the Norway
>> maple in my front yard this morning. (Wesley Drive off Keystone Ave.)
>> This is one of my favorite birds. Their wistful three-note spring song, in
>> the breezy conifers around Tahoe, is one of the indelible memories of my
>> time living there. It's a treat to have them visit my home in Reno.
>> I once found an active Mt. Chickadee nest, a knothole in the wood siding
>> of a tool shed at the empty parking lot of Heavenly North ski area, near
>> Kingsbury summit. The hole was at eye level, and the Chickadees regarded me
>> as a mere curiosity, pausing to hover smoothly, mere inches from my face,
>> as they sortied to and fro ferrying bunches of insects bristling around
>> their tiny bills like an organ grinder's moustache.
>> Brian Adams
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