Date: 1/13/18 9:42 am
From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: Pine Siskin & RW Blackbird - Clearfield County
As I do every day, today, I scoured the flock of about 75 goldfinches at my bird feeding area and aha, there is ONE Pine siskin for FOW (First of Winter)! We got about 5" of snow last night.

A Red winged blackbird showed up here a little bit ago also for FOW. I don’t mind one blackbird, but in other years in the winter, the blackbirds have turned into a flock of about 100! Boy, do they eat a lot of seeds! Expensive!

I put white millet and sunflower hearts on the ground. I also have 3 hanging sunflower feeders and 3 suet feeders.

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois
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