Date: 1/13/18 8:32 am
From: Mundi Smithers <amen1farm...>
Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Invasion of Gold Finches
Here in North Pownal the Goldfinches are ubiquitous!! I’ve just counted 35 +/- at the feeder and on the ground in the front yard and there is an equal number at the feeding station out back. Lots of Juncos, a few House Finches, Downy Woodpeckers, Red-bellied Woodpckers, Titmice, Chickadees and finally yesterday morning our first of the year Hairy Woodpecker! One White-throat and one Tree Sparrow have been here off and on over the past weeks.

North Pownal

Mundi Smithers

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> On Jan 13, 2018, at 11:14 AM, Geoffrey Gardner <geoffrey323...> wrote:
> Here at our place in Bradford, the feeder situation has been unique. Aside
> from a few Juncos and occasional visits from Chickadees, we had no birds at
> our feeders from the middle of August till the first snow. After that, the
> Bluejays in twos and threes were the first to show up. Then the numbers of
> Juncos increased to the usual level and a few Chickadees were around from
> time to time. Throughout this period there were far fewer birds around than
> is typical in the woods, both up on the ridge and down in the lower places.
> As snows and cold weather increased, a pair of Downy woodpeckers showed up
> and the numbers of Chickadees increased but not to anything like the usual
> level. The first big snowstorm brought a flock of about ten Goldfinches, a
> bird we donąt often see ‹certainly not in big numbers‹ at our feeders during
> the winter. This morning the sudden change of weather brought a flock of
> more than twenty Goldfinches to the feeder as well as the seasonąs very
> first Hairy woodpecker. Yesterday and today a single White Throated Sparrow
> has been feeding on the ground under the feeders. So far this winter not a
> single Purple Finch or White Breasted or Red Breasted Nuthatch, all three
> constant visitors all through every winter till now. One morning last week,
> a Merlin perched on a branch next to the Niger feeder and waited for a few
> minutes. No other birds were around, and he left before I had time to grab
> my camera. This too was a first.
> Geoffrey
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> Date: Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 10:49 AM
> To: Vermont bird List-posting <vtbird...>
> Subject: Re: [VTBIRD] Invasion of Gold Finches
> Here in Mt Tabor a flock of 40+ goldfinches, and just as many juncos!
> From: Robert Dudley <greyowlvermont...>
> To: <VTBIRD...>
> Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:55 AM
> Subject: [VTBIRD] Invasion of Gold Finches
> I could tell that bad weather was head our way, there were a number of birds
> at my feeders. I did not have time to count or identify them as I was
> spreading salt on my drive way in preparation of today's this weather. This
> morning I looked outside and I could not see my nyger seed feeder for all
> the Goldfinches on it. It was like the horror movie the invasion of the
> American Goldfinches. They were also on my bulk sunflower seed feeder.
> There are at least 40 Finches and possibly many more. I also have a large
> number of Juncos. I am really happy to see them.
> Cheers,
> Bob
> in West Arlington.
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