Date: 1/13/18 8:22 am
From: Brian Patteson (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Garganey in Union NC???
How does one find this exactly? Can you post a link?

I tried searching the eBird RBA for all of NC and all I found was about 130 or so reports of Common Mergansers and a slew of goldeneyes and scoters. Which brings us to another point? Is Common Merganser really even an RBA bird in NC? I think the same question could be asked for a number of species that inundate the RBA list during times of cold weather or at the peak of their migrations.

Brian Patteson
Hatteras, NC

> On Jan 13, 2018, at 10:44 AM, David Gardner (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...> wrote:
> Okay - I'm guessing then that it is assumed it is an exotic escape? Yes?
> Sorry to get everyone's hopes up.
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>> On Jan 13, 2018, at 10:39 AM, Kent Fiala (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...> wrote:
>> It wasn't a Garganey, but an Eastern Spot-billed Duck.
>> Kent Fiala
>>> On 1/13/2018 10:29 AM, David Gardner (via carolinabirds Mailing List) wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> Just was testing myself on ID's in the rarity photos on, and found that someone posted a photo of a GARGANEY in Union NC. I am no where near this to chase it, but I figured others may be interested. I don't know if this is a new finding, but I haven't seen any conversation about about this bird on our email listserve, and it hasn't popped up yet on the ABA rarities daily email.
>>> So - the photo looks legitimate... good luck in chasing it down!
>>> Happy Birding,
>>> David
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