Date: 1/12/18 9:51 pm
From: David Bailey <davidcbaileyoregon...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Armchair Gulling--Sauvie Is. Pellet Plant 1999 redux #1
This gull very closely resembles a woodpecker...

On Jan 12, 2018 9:36 PM, "Robert O'Brien" <baro...> wrote:

About 3 months ago I posted about my experiences back in Jan 1999
spending many early mornings at the fabulous Sauvie Island Pellet
Plant (RIP), initially looking for Slaty-backed but very soon
recognizing what an opportunity this was and then just studying gulls.

I said I would try to go through my many scanned slides and
put together an armchair summary. Well, it turned out that
I had only scanned in the 'best' ones so the rest remain to be
scanned. But I thought I'd finally, first, show the 'best' ones in a few
posts over the next month or so. My new year's resolution is to
get this PP stuff finished before 20 years have elapsed. I have
about 350 days to go.

There were several goodies but here is the best bird, I guess,
pending OBRC acceptance. This bird was present for several days.
I called him the BigGuy in my tape recorded photographic notes.
(Fortunately I transcribed them before losing the tape, 35,000 words).
One of the photos shows a size comparison (the wing tips
and bills lined up) to an adjacent Glaucous-winged or hybrid.
If the BigGuy's bill was horizontal it would extend further.
Also notice the bulbous bill tip relative to the GWGUs.
It seems to be a 3rd year bird acquiring the black back.
I tried initially to make him into a Yellow-footed Gull
(Salton Sea that I had recently visited) but in the end had
to settle for Great Black-backed. (pending OBRC of course).

I find 4 western US records, one in each of 4 states, on eBird.

GBBG Western US Records eBird:
WA Seattle 01-21-04 (photos)
Idaho 12-16-03 (no photo)
CA Salton Sea 05-01-13 (photos)
Wyoming 08-24-17 (photos)

GBBG was picked about 6th or so for the next Oregon Bird
in the recent poll.

Helpful suggestions, gentle corrections, and flaming attacks are
all eagerly anticipated.

Bob OBrien Carver OR (where I have considered opening my
own Pellet Plant, assuming it's still legal. Admission
will be charged, of course.).

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