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Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Birding SDSU Article and Misc. Birds

Dr. Kevin Burns and I recently wrote a short article about birds and birding SDSU. Thought some of you might like it. The article is on page 10. On this topic, the Rose-ringed Parakeets which have become quite a rare sighting were around campus all day on 5 January. Here is a link to the article:

Last Wednesday Courtny Achenbach and I birded Santee Lakes all day and had 91 species: a Least Bittern was in the reed island in pond 1, four Greater White-fronted Geese also on pond 1; a Yellow Warbler between ponds 1 and 2; a Sora in the SW corner of pond 3 (I think), the Sage Thrasher was near the north end of pond 4 (I think, sorry) first seen on the fence east of the access road then flew to an island, the juvenile Snow Goose was also on pond 4; we walked all the way to the north end of the park and saw American Robin and Chipping Sparrows in the Willow Loop Campground, and Lincoln's Sparrows and a Fox Sparrows along the dirt road near the entrance to West Sycamore Canyon.

Today visiting birders Jay Carlisle and Heidi Ware and I birded south county, finding the Nazca Boobies from Attu and Red-throated Pipet at Berry Park. About 30 mins after high tide, two Nelson's Sparrows and multiple individuals of at least three species of Savannah Sparrows were easily seen from McCoy Trail S of the bridge @ Tijuana Slough NWR. Nestor Park and Tesoro Grove continue to be amazing, with Black-and-White, Black-throated Gray, Townsend, and Wilson's Warblers, the adult male Baltimore, juvenile Orchard, and at least two Bullock's Orioles, and a Summer Piranga; we also saw American Goldfinch and a Red-breasted Nuthatch here. The flowering eucalyptus at the north end of the Tesoro Way lawn was where we saw all of the orioles. Here is the eBird checklist:

Happy birding,
Casey Richart
San Diego State University
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