Date: 1/12/18 5:22 pm
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Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Ramona on 1/7/18

After reading Paul's post, and discussing with him, I decided to post
this. It's a little old now, but should still be somewhat useful.

Got there around 8:50 am and stayed until around 12:30 with most of my
time spent near the pond area.

I birded up in Ramona for most of Sunday Jan 7. Dean Budd, Ter Hurst and
I saw the WHITE-THROATED SPARROW multiple times mid to late morning at
Dos Picos County Park in the same spot it's been seen before, by the
largest oak near the bathrooms by the pond. It hangs out with two
Golden-crowned Sparrows. At least one of the Golden-crowneds is a first
year bird, and they both may be. On Sunday they foraged on the outside
edge of the tree, rather than under the canopy. They flush very easily,
so best to find a good viewing spot and stay put for a while. If you see
the Golden-crowneds,  you'll likely find the White-throated. A very
difficult bird to photograph. Never stopped moving.

The FOX SPARROWS also continue at Dos Picos.  They can be found going to
the pond edge for water by where the short wall is across the pond from
the bathrooms. Lots of other birds went for water there too. If there
are people fishing there, they don't seem to come out much. It's
possible this may have changed with the amount of rain we got this week,
depending on how much the pond level went up.

Found the previously reported SLATE-COLORED JUNCO and two female PURPLE
FINCHES in the picnic table area. The Finches were eating berries in a
bush along the edge of what I think is a creek bed, and the Junco was
also in the picnic table area, but away from the creek bed.

eBird list with photos:

I got there around 1:00 and stayed for a little over an hour.

There were at least 5 YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS in with a huge mixed
flock of TRI-COLORED BLACKBIRDS and Brown-headed Cowbirds along
Rangeland Road early afternoon. Some of the cows were hanging out near
the fence on the south side of the road and the birds were actively
foraging around the cows. Very difficult to pick out what was there with
them packed together, their tails in the air, and heads in the dirt.
Estimating there were around 1000 birds.

Saw both dark morph and normal FERRUGINOUS HAWKS, one of each, both were
in the air. The dark morph was a ways off to the north, and required a
scope to ID. Small number of MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS on the north side of
Rangeland Road close to where Highland Valley goes south towards the
Grasslands Preserve. No Bald Eagles. Not a single goose either, although
Nancy Christensen thought she heard some. So dry out there. There was no
water in the pond that is near the west end of the road.  Might be a
little water out there in places now after the rain.

eBird list with some bad photos:

Lisa Ruby
Sabre Springs

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