Date: 1/12/18 5:12 pm
From: Susan Smith <seiurus...> [SanDiegoRegionBirding] <SanDiegoRegionBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Hooded Warbler continues in Del Mar, CA, jan 11, 2018
Hello fellow SD birders, Just reporting in that the HOODED WARBLER at the Ruette le Parc condo complex in Del Mar, continues. Yesterday afternoon, at about 3:45 pm, after getting out of my car, I heard a loud HOWA chip and saw him in back of my condo at 13716 Ruette le Parc, industriously feeding around the low trees and on the ground. As you know, this condo complex is now sadly off limits to birders. But I was elated to see that this beautiful bird, after about a week of disruption --two teams of arborists doing very intensive pruning of all our trees, and mulching of Torrey pine and cedar branches here, was still around! The pruning seemed focused especially around my building, but maybe this is just paranoia talking! Anyway, glad to report this beautiful bird seems to have survived it all (cats and tree cutters). Also, the signs warning birders to stay away have been taken down, but I think that was because either the HOA realized birders had responded to my and Paul L.'s posts so signs were no longer needed, or more likely they wanted to take them down before they were destroyed by the rains. Nonetheless, please be aware that Ruette le Parc in Del Mar no longer allows birding by non residents in the complex. I really appreciate your compliance of this, now and in the past. sue

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA

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