Date: 1/12/18 3:10 pm
From: Curtis, Tom <tom.curtis...>
Subject: Re: Another White-crowned Sparrow (WCS) Observation
You know, this sparrow discussion fascinates me. We live near Keystone Lake in w Tulsa Co., in an area that is mostly wooded (can't see other houses around), but has some open brushy areas and a decent amount edge, including brushpiles. We put out a variety of seed and corn, including on the ground and we get lots of the expected titmouses, chickadees, cardinals, jays, woodpeckers, and doves. However, aside from decent sized junco flocks (50-75 at a time) and occasional waxwing or robin flocks, we get very few winter birds. When we first moved here in 2006, it was great - lots of sparrow diversity and great numbers. However, within a few years, the sparrow numbers dropped to virtually zero. I haven't seen Harris's, tree, song, or Lincolns's sparrows or a towhee for several years and maybe one or two WC or WT sparrows during migration. I miss the winter migrants, so if anyone has any ideas how to draw them back, let me know.

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Subject: Another White-crowned Sparrow (WCS) Observation

Not sure of the exact time, but mid-November to early December of last year, we saw huge flocks of immature White-crowned Sparrows near Farris, Oklahoma (half way on a east-west line between Antlers and Atoka). The flocks of 10-50+ birds where always 90% WCS with a few Juncos and White-throateds in the group. The thing that amazed me was that I couldn’t find a single mature WCS in these flocks. I had never witnessed this “grouping” of any WCS before or since. Has anyone else ever observed this immature “grouping” of WCS?

Mike Ludewig


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