Date: 1/12/18 2:47 pm
From: Michael Linz <mplinz...>
Subject: Prairie Falcon in Atkins Bottoms
I had the opportunity to talk to the land owners where the Falcon has been
seen recently. They were very nice. The lady explained to me that "bird
people" had been constantly "camped out" on her road for the past week.
That some were trespassing on their private roads and property including
sites with buildings on them. She further explained that the presence of
people camped out near her house makes her nervous. She said while she
expects the the people are good people, she does not know them and it
bothers her to see cars parked and/or blocking the road.

I was upset that members of our birding community were trespassing.
I told her I would publish her that is the reason for this

I suspect with the weekend coming more people may venture to Atkins. I
would like to suggest the following. Avoid travel on the west side of
McLaren Loop. If you travel on the west side of the loop do NOT STOP for
any reason. The trees and field where the falcon has been seen are visible
from highway 105 S. So turn right on 105 S where it intersects with Atkin
Bottoms Road and scope from a 100 yds from the intersection. This will
meet the needs of birders needing a view of the bird. It will not satisfy
the photographers needing a close up picture. I suggest the photographers
need to look for a different bird to photograph.
It would seem to me that driving other roads that are not near this house
should still be OK.

It is important that we as a community keep a good reputation. Hopefully
you agree with me and will give these people some relief.

Michael Linz(Conway, AR)

BTW: I left loop when the lady told me her concerns without getting a
positive ID on the falcon I was observing. It seemed more important to me
to make her more comfortable than for me to see a bird.

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