Date: 1/12/18 2:42 pm
From: mike <m.b.ludewig...>
Subject: Another White-crowned Sparrow (WCS) Observation
Not sure of the exact time, but mid-November to early December of last year,
we saw huge flocks of immature White-crowned Sparrows near Farris, Oklahoma
(half way on a east-west line between Antlers and Atoka). The flocks of
10-50+ birds where always 90% WCS with a few Juncos and White-throateds in
the group. The thing that amazed me was that I couldn't find a single
mature WCS in these flocks. I had never witnessed this "grouping" of any
WCS before or since. Has anyone else ever observed this immature "grouping"
of WCS?

Mike Ludewig


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