Date: 1/12/18 2:09 pm
From: Marion Clark <mclark66...>
Subject: Re: Long tailed duck
I spent about an hour (1:30-2:30) at the boat ramp on Parr Reservoir, Newberry Co.,
SC, earlier this afternoon. I located the Long-tailed Duck within the first 15
minutes, straight out from the ramp on the far side of the lake (200 and 300 yards
out on the water and maybe 150 yards away in flight). Visibility was not so good
because of rain and drizzle. First sighting of the bird was on the water, 300 yards
away, through my scope. After 10 or so minutes, a boat came in, making lots of noise
and a big wake. The duck disappeared for maybe 15 minutes then reappeared on the
water 200 yards away. Much better view, but still not very good. Yet another boat
came in, and I got a fairly good look at the bird in flight. Between the 3 sight-
ings, I was able to see the prominence of white when it was swimming and the very
dark wings when it was flying.

I'm very familiar with this area, which is only 5-6 miles from where all my paternal
ancestry has lived since 1755; my brother lives there now. The best route from Co-
lumbia is northwest on US 176/Broad River Road for about 30 miles. Just after the
junction of SC 213/Parr Road, turn right on to Hope Station Road at the electronic
St. John Lutheran Church sign and go about 2 miles to the stop sign. Turn right for
a short distance to (Old) Broad River Road. Take a left until you cross Cannon's
Creek/reservoir; the landing (parking, two picnic sheds and rest rooms) is on the right.
Good luck! Marion+

---- Marion Clark <mclark66...> wrote:
> Anybody in the Columbia, SC, area interested in going to Parr Shoals today? If so,
> please respond ASAP to 803-920-5731 (text or call) or by e-mail. Thanks, Marion+
> ---- "\"Lewis Burke\" (via carolinabirds Mailing List)" <carolinabirds...> wrote:
> > Kent Bedenbaugh found a female Long tailed duck at the Parr reservoir boat
> > landing in Newberry County, SC today. I found it thanks to Kent in less
> > than five minutes. Also There were six Bonaparte’s gulls. Lewis Burke,
> Marion Clark

Marion Clark

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