Date: 1/12/18 1:40 pm
From: Richard Webster <>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] SEAZ: Whitewater Draw likely Cackling Geese 11 January
Hi Folks:

Sorry about the late report. Yesterday, 11 January, there were five
"Canada" Geese at Whitewater Draw. They were very distant on the back
flats of the main pond, and even with a telescope it was not a great look.
Two looked like medium-sized Canada Geese, and three looked notably
smaller, with diminutive bills and, at some angles obvious white lower neck
collars. I was comfortable putting them in my notes as Cackling Geese, but
whether higher authorities will embrace the record, I don't know. I was
just not close enough to note head shape accurately, etc., or be more than
rather subjective.
Also present was an adult Blue Goose (I had seen an immature in December)
with the Snow Geese, two Dunlin continuing from December (and fall), a
couple of Ferruginous Hawks around the periphery (alfalfa field to the
west; Lee Road); others saw Swamp Sparrow.
Enough water is being added that there is still a shallow pool across the
closer stretches of the entire main flats. Total bird numbers are low, but
with the cranes and some diversity it is a fun place.


Richard Webster

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