Date: 1/12/18 11:03 am
From: Miller, Paul <millerp...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] American Dipper
Howdy All!
A quick note and some thoughts on the AMERICAN DIPPER(s) that has been seen
recently along the Zayante trail, and at Mount Hermon....
Several years back, around 2000, I first noticed the Dippers near the
waterfall which is at the confluence of Zayante and Bean Creeks in Mount
Over the next few years, I saw them consistently, sometimes more than one
at a time, as well as the fledglings along with the adults. I new the nest
was nearby, but never located it.
At some point around 2013 (a year before or after, not sure) , interest
peaked, and the nest location was announced as being behind the waterfall.
Several birders, myself included, observed the adults flying into the nest
(cavity) that season.
I believe the birds were observed perhaps one more year after that at this
After the spring of '14, no dippers were seen in this area. I continued to
check year round, since it is walking distance from my house.
Then this year, just after the count, someone (was it Alex?) saw one along
the San Lorenzo River south of Graham Hill Rd, and I wondered if they would
nest again near that location.
In the last 3 weeks or so, I and a friend who lives at Redwood Camp (the
property that is adjacent to the confluence) have been seeing them in their
old spot, at the confluence of Bean and Zayante Creeks.
A week ago, I had one singing on the same rock as from years ago.
I am encouraged and excited to see if they will nest behind the same
waterfall area as in years past.
As spring approaches, I'll send updates, since I go by that spot
regularly. You may be able to see them along the river south of Graham
Hill, but if you would like a personal tour of the confluence spot (since
it's on private property), let me know and we'll set it up.
It can be a bit hard to find, or to know how to approach it best.
Paul Miller
831 334 4138

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