Date: 1/12/18 10:57 am
From: Glenda Simmons <glendajoyce6009...> [nflbirds] <nflbirds-noreply...>
Subject: [nflbirds] My Baltimore Oriole Documentation
I apologize in advance for a long post, and this is not a bird sighting, but I think will be of interest to most. 
 Over a year ago I started documenting the Baltimore Oriole presence I have, gradually, seen increase in my yard, in recent years, with 1-2 Wingscapes Bird Cams, at 1-2 jelly feeders.  I recorded every day, late Aug.. 2016 through April 2017 (actually still recording) , mostly, 1 minute video clips, that I reviewed,  looking for markings that might identify individual birds. I can't begin to estimate how many hours went into my little backyard project, at peaks, reviewing over 200 clips in a night!  I found that I had three typical groups of the fall migrants, winter guests, then spring migrants, but I did document that I had two birds that I could ID that stayed in my yard, from their arrival in September until leaving for their breeding grounds the end of April.  
I have just completed a slideshow of some of the many orioles that passed through my yard during this 8 month period.  I took still frames from the video clips, (so not all great quality) and tried to show the markings of the birds I could ID. There are 57 in this slide show, and it will take almost 7 minutes to view, so please keep that in mind.  There is music, so have your speakers on, and it will repeat, but the last bird is "Zipper" which arrived back in my yard on Dec. 30, and is currently in my yard for a second season, as well as "Eyeline" back for a 3rd season. Makes me wonder how many repeat customers, I have, since most cannot be differentiated. There are a few birds that markings are very similar, that some may question are the same, but I have the advantage of seeing multiple birds at the same time, pausing the video, seeing different views, etc. You can go back to the gallery and just look at the individual pictures without viewing the slide show, but the link below should start the slide show, immediately after opening.  I hope this gives you a feel of what I see in my yard, and if you are close by, come visit on Feb. 17.  My yard will be one of the yards on our local Audubon Yard Tour.
Thanks for your extended time,
Glenda SimmonsEastside Tallahassee

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