Date: 1/12/18 10:10 am
From: Alex Sundvall <asgreenplanet4077...>
Subject: [mou-net] 100 Species Record Broken
On January 7, 2018, at precisely 3:53 pm CST Liz Harper and I saw our 100th
species for the year, Northern Saw-whet Owl. This breaks the previous
record set by Jeff Stephenson by 3 days.
A lot of work and preparation went into breaking this record, including two
failed attempts (by both of us separately) last year, with myself only
getting to 80 species, and Liz getting to 92. This year, however, we
decided to join forces to increase our chances of beating the record. Yes,
every single bird was seen or heard by both of us, and we were birding
essentially nonstop from the 1st through the 7th. I will copy our list to
the end of this email (including date and location for each species, as
specific as possible), but here are a few highlights:
All 10 regularly occurring species of owls
23 species of waterfowl
8 species of sparrows

Notable misses include zero species of Falcon and zero species of
Blackbirds. We didn't spend any time in the SW part of the state where it
seems the majority of the Blackbirds are overwintering, and yes, even the
Downtown Peregrine Falcons evaded us after hours of searching the streets
of both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Happy birding to everyone in this new year! We already have one probable
first state record in the books; I'm excited to see what the rest of the
year might bring.

Alex Sundvall

Here is the full list. It might be a tad challenging to follow, but it goes
"Number on the list, Species name, The Location it was seen, and the date
it was seen." All comments and notes on each species were made on their
respective checklists and will be submitted to the MOU database.

1,Cackling Goose,Shakopee Mill Pond/Memorial Park,3-Jan-18
2,Canada Goose,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
3,Mute Swan,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
4,Trumpeter Swan,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
5,Tundra Swan,Reads Landing,5-Jan-18
6,Wood Duck,Shakopee Mill Pond/Memorial Park,3-Jan-18
7,Blue-winged Teal,Waterfowl Pond (Isanti County),4-Jan-18
8,Northern Shoveler,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
9,Gadwall,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
10,American Wigeon,Bay Point Park,6-Jan-18
11,Mallard,Lake Rebecca Park,3-Jan-18
12,American Black Duck,Rum River Dam,4-Jan-18
13,Northern Pintail,Rum River Dam,4-Jan-18
14,Canvasback,Colvill Park,6-Jan-18
15,Redhead,Colvill Park,6-Jan-18
16,Ring-necked Duck,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
17,Greater Scaup,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
18,Lesser Scaup,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
19,Bufflehead,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
20,Common Goldeneye,Two Harbors--Agate Bay,2-Jan-18
21,Hooded Merganser,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
22,Common Merganser,Two Harbors--Agate Bay,2-Jan-18
23,Red-breasted Merganser,Lake Pepin--East,5-Jan-18
24,Ring-necked Pheasant,Steele,5-Jan-18
25,Ruffed Grouse,Snowshoe Trails (St. Louis County),1-Jan-18
26,Sharp-tailed Grouse,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
27,Wild Turkey,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
28,Northern Harrier,Scott NOHA,6-Jan-18
29,Sharp-shinned Hawk,Saint Paul,4-Jan-18
30,Cooper's Hawk,Saint Paul,4-Jan-18
31,Bald Eagle,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
32,Red-shouldered Hawk,RSHA (Wabasha County),5-Jan-18
33,Red-tailed Hawk,Inga Woodpeckers,3-Jan-18
34,Rough-legged Hawk,Random Roughie (Dakota County),3-Jan-18
35,American Coot,"Blue Lake sewage lagoons, Scott Co.",3-Jan-18
36,Herring Gull,Two Harbors--Agate Bay,2-Jan-18
37,Iceland Gull,Two Harbors--Agate Bay,2-Jan-18
38,Glaucous Gull,Two Harbors--Agate Bay,2-Jan-18
39,Rock Pigeon,Grey Cloud Cedars,3-Jan-18
40,Eurasian Collared-Dove,ATSP (Dakota County),3-Jan-18
41,Mourning Dove,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
42,Eastern Screech-Owl,Minneapolis,4-Jan-18
43,Great Horned Owl,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
44,Snowy Owl,Scott Snowy Owl,3-Jan-18
45,Northern Hawk Owl,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
46,Barred Owl,Fillmore,5-Jan-18
47,Great Gray Owl,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
48,Long-eared Owl,Washington,7-Jan-18
49,Short-eared Owl,Steele,5-Jan-18
50,Boreal Owl,Ramsey,6-Jan-18
51,Northern Saw-whet Owl,Washington,7-Jan-18
52,Belted Kingfisher,Chatfield BEKI,5-Jan-18
53,Red-headed Woodpecker,Fish Lake Nature Trails,4-Jan-18
54,Red-bellied Woodpecker,Random RBWO,3-Jan-18
55,Downy Woodpecker,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
56,Hairy Woodpecker,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
57,American Three-toed Woodpecker,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
58,Northern Flicker,Grey Cloud Cedars,3-Jan-18
59,Pileated Woodpecker,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
60,Northern Shrike,Steele,5-Jan-18
61,Gray Jay,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
62,Blue Jay,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
63,American Crow,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
64,Common Raven,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
65,Horned Lark,Rock Dell HOLA,5-Jan-18
66,Black-capped Chickadee,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
67,Boreal Chickadee,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
68,Tufted Titmouse,Smith Feeders,6-Jan-18
69,Red-breasted Nuthatch,Snowshoe Trails,1-Jan-18
70,White-breasted Nuthatch,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
71,Brown Creeper,Inga Woodpeckers (Dakota County),3-Jan-18
72,Carolina Wren,Thomas C Savage Visitor Center,4-Jan-18
73,Eastern Bluebird,Ninemile Creek,6-Jan-18
74,Townsend's Solitaire,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
75,Hermit Thrush,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
76,American Robin,Grey Cloud Cedars,3-Jan-18
77,Brown Thrasher,Whitewater SP,5-Jan-18
78,European Starling,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
79,Bohemian Waxwing,Eagan BOWA,6-Jan-18
80,Cedar Waxwing,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
81,Snow Bunting,Snubbed,5-Jan-18
82,Yellow-rumped Warbler,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
83,American Tree Sparrow,ATSP,3-Jan-18
84,Chipping Sparrow,Ninemile Creek,6-Jan-18
85,Fox Sparrow,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
86,Dark-eyed Junco,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
87,White-throated Sparrow,Wood Lake Nature Center,3-Jan-18
88,Song Sparrow,Wood Lake Nature Center,3-Jan-18
89,Spotted Towhee,Ramsey Spotted Towhee,7-Jan-18
90,Eastern Towhee,Whitewater WMA (Winona Co.),5-Jan-18
91,Northern Cardinal,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
92,Evening Grosbeak,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
93,Pine Grosbeak,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
94,House Finch,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
95,Purple Finch,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
96,Common Redpoll,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
97,Hoary Redpoll,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18
98,Pine Siskin,Sax-Zim Bog,1-Jan-18
99,American Goldfinch,Lake Byllesby Regional Park,3-Jan-18
100,House Sparrow,Sax-Zim Bog,2-Jan-18

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