Date: 1/12/18 10:10 am
From: Chris Johnson <ryanjohnson77...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: [SBB] AWOL Mandarin Duck

I stopped by Hall Memorial Park this morning and couldn't locate the Mandarin Duck (despite poking around the perimeter of both ponds and checking under ever bush and in every tree). It was reported yesterday so it's likely still around, but I wonder if it holes up somewhere at night (I was at the park very early b4 sun up). Perhaps it roosts in a tree like its Wood Duck cousin or goes to the nearby creek?

In any case, there was an obliging Belted Kingfisher and Green Heron and 2 very vocal Red-shouldered Hawks.

Good Birding!

Chris Johnson

San Jose, CA

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