Date: 1/12/18 7:48 am
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Subject: [slocobirding] Carrizo Plain CBC Results

Hello All, The Carrizo Plain CBC was held Saturday, December 30,
2017. Thirty-tw0 birders joined in the count. The total species count
was 68. We usually get totals from 55-75 species.
Special aspects of the count included 175 Bell's Sparrows (high
count) at a location along the wet ditch off of Soda Lake Road, an
eruption of Barn Owls (high count) in 3 locations totaling 71
individuals, and a few notable birds including Sandhill Cranes (6),
Tree Swallows (2 flyby), Cinnamon Teals ( 2 flyby), California Gull (1
flyby), and Mountain Plovers (3). Golden Eagles, Ferruginous Hawks,
and Northern Harriers were also present. It was a nice day and all the
roads were passable.
I've finished inputting the data on Audubon CBC site and you can
view the summary bird list at [1] The date
for the 2018 Carrizo Plain CBC will be December 29th.
Thanks to all the participants for a successful and fun day of
Happy Birding in 2018, Roger Zachary Atascadero Carrizo Plain
CBC Compiler [2] [3] [4] [5]


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