Date: 1/11/18 7:09 pm
From: Tom SHANE <tom.shane...>
Subject: Documenting unusual records in eBirds
Well said Henry ! !

I have said that bird records should be scored from 1 to 10 by a records committee. Then a researcher would have access to everything, not just what a committee considered important. The researcher has a much different ideas and needs than what a committee thinks he should have. I remember when the boys from KC found the Canyon Wren out in MT County. Sara and I drove out to document the bird and we did. Shortly after that, it was posted that the first record was found in Halstead in the early forties, but never published in any of the books or directories for the following 50 years. A researcher of wrens might have considered it a fair record, but other people took that away from him. I'm not with Science when it comes to poor decisions like that.

Then, are "Patterns of Vagrancy" really science. What university professor in this country has a grant to study and analyze patterns of vagrancy? To me it is just a side bar of the enormous energy spent by birders looking for rarities. Can someone cite for me a couple papers published on patterns of vagrancy?

Hope and Change, probably a dream
Tom Shane

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