Date: 1/11/18 12:58 pm
From: JFR <johnfredman...>
30 Dec. 2017 was a very overcast day in Pine Bluff. Despite the lack of sun, I decided to make a run through Regional Park to look for Common Loons on Lake Langhofer. As I turned back from the lake and approached the Harbor Oaks golf course, I spotted, what I first assumed was a Gull carrying a fish. Quickly, I recognized that It was an Osprey. I turned my vehicle, so that I could get a photograph, but his flight was away from me. Suddenly he turned back and flew directly in front of me, affording a few shots. He then flew to a pecan tree beside the road and lit on a branch 15 ft above the ground, but facing away from me. I slowly drove to a spot 20 ft. from the tree, where I now had a clear lateral view. The Osprey was never alarmed. As he tucked into the 8 in. Largemouth Bass, I continued my photography. I even able open my door, which never interrupted his feeding. He began at the "lips" and over a 30min. span consumed the fish totally. 1000 photographs later,on a terrible day for photography, I had documented his repast. It was an amazing experience to be that close! It validates the adage: "There ain't no deer killed in camp". I will be glad to share a "few" of the photos that tell the story, if anyone has an interest.
John Redman
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