Date: 1/11/18 9:10 am
From: Paul Hurtado <paul.j.hurtado...>
Subject: Reno area Purple Finches and Turkeys
Hi all

I had PURPLE FINCHES at a couple new places in Reno yesterday. One female
type along the Caughlin Parkway trail (along Alum Creek) just below where
it passes under Caughlin Pkwy just upstream of the ditch crossing. The
second bird was an adult male at the north end of the pond at Crystal Peak
Park in Verdi, with 2 other birds that we're probably also Purple Finches.
See eBird for photos.

Regarding the Mogul Turkeys: I was told by a Mogul resident that one of the
other residents brought the first bird back from CA in their camper and
that the other birds were brought in later (origin unclear) to keep him

In other words, for those of you who keep lists according to ABA rules, I'm
under the assumption that these should be treated as escaped domestics.
Unless there is good reason to doubt the story, and there is some precedent
of Wild Turkey wandering over the Sierras into the Reno/Carson area.

Good birding,
Paul Hurtado

On Jan 11, 2018 7:34 AM, "Jeff Bleam" <jcbleam...> wrote:

I visited Cliff View Dr. area at Mogul yesterday and talk with a resident
about the WILD TURKEYS. There were complaints about the flock damaging
property. She told me that Wildlife Management rounded them up last summer
and relocated the entire flock to the far north end of Washoe Co. except
for one Tom (photos I haven't seem
the young Tom along Timberline Road (SW Reno) since 11-28-17 and it was
first seen looking into my bumper on 8-14-17.

Jeff Bleam
Mt Rose Foothills, NV
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