Date: 1/11/18 7:02 am
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Subject: Re: northernmost Ruby-throateds

I lost 1 of 3 Ruby-throateds here in Wilmington in the Masonboro Sound area. It was an immature male. An adult male and an adult female survive. I offered heated sugar water 24 hrs./day (clamp light).

Bruce Smithson
Wilmington, NC

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Subject: northernmost Ruby-throateds

In the wake of the rain/sleet/snow and sharp cold spell, I would be
interested in knowing where the northernmost Ruby-throated Hummers in the
state are now.

Kelly Davis at Mattamuskeet has two, as does Ann Maddock at Cape Hatteras.
Here in the Morehead-Beaufort area there are a few birds, although not as
many as before the bad weather.

Are there any other Ruby-throateds north of Morehead-Beaufort, other than
the ones cited above?

Have numbers also decreased in the Wilmington area?

Just curious.

I also have some comments about whether or not feeders keep hummingbirds
from migrating south; I'll get around to posting those later.

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC

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