Date: 1/10/18 3:20 pm
From: Ryan Winkleman <rswinkleman...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Update: Tropical Parula trips

Response to the Tropical Parula trips has been overwhelming and we have far
exceeded our allowable trip capacity. Please do not send any more emails at
this time. If you did not get to send an email to request a spot for this
weekend, you will hopefully be able to try again next weekend. We will
provide an update probably around mid-week again when we know if the
property will allow more trips next weekend, and if so, "the request line"
will be opened again.

We will send out emails this evening or tomorrow to those who have spots
reserved. We will also send out emails to those who do not have spots
reserved but will be placed on a wait list. If additional trips are opened
or there are cancellations, people will be contacted from the wait list. If
you don't make it this time, please understand the extraordinary situation
that we are in that birders are being allowed to come in to begin with, and
please wait to hear if there will be more opportunities in the future.

Even though everybody knows it, I feel I cannot stress enough and so will
continue to do so that if you have been told where this bird is and you are
not part of one of these groups, please do not jeopardize future access by
going on your own. The last thing I want to have to do is say that future
access has been shut down because birders were caught without permission on
the property.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to be able to provide more
opportunities next week, although this will of course be up to the property
and its willingness to continue to accommodate people.

Ryan Winkleman

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