Date: 1/10/18 1:23 pm
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: Topeka Birds
I've seen large flocks of birds in my yard and flying through the yard
today.  I've got 60+ juncos, 60+ house finches, had about 70 cedar
waxwings fly though as well as robins and starlings.  Had 15 mourning
doves.  Just lots of birds.  Which has attracted a mature sharp-shinned
and an immature one.

I've been checking out Lake Sherwood daily as I have permission to bird
from neighbors backyard.  I've seen the sandhill crane every morning for
about a week.  But this morning he was gone.  On a whim checked the lake
at about 2:30pm for new arrivals and there he was walking around on the
ice picking at things on the ice.  I wonder how long he will stick
around.  Here is a video of him from a few days ago:

I've also been enjoying the 17 trumpeter swans that spend the night at
Sherwood.  I'd never really heard them trumpet until this year.  Such a
joy.  I was able to get this nice video of them 2 days ago: as they swam right by me. Love these birds.

Jeff Hansen

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