Date: 1/10/18 9:06 am
From: Casey Setash <csetash...>
Subject: [cobirds] Band-Tailed Pigeon Information/Locations Wanted by US Fish & Wildlife Service
Hi all,

I'm passing along a message from our region's Migratory Game Bird
Coordinator, Dave Olson. FWS wants to band some Band-Tailed Pigeons in
Colorado and are hoping all the lovely birders in the state might help them
out. His contact information is on the flyer below and he is also using
eBird to try to locate some possible areas. I've copied his message below:

The Migratory Bird Program of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
has embarked on a program to develop a population estimate for Interior
Band-tailed Pigeons that occur in the Four Corners region for Colorado,
Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. This effort is being led by the Region 2
Migratory Bird Program based in Albuquerque, NM, with our office, based in
Denver, CO, providing field assistance to this project. We are asking the
local birding community to assist the FWS with this project in the true
spirit of Citizen Science.

We would like to hear from the birding communitiy that have bird feeders
which are attracting Band-tailed Pigeons in large numbers (>25 birds/day)
and would like to assist the FWS in our project. To further encourage
Band-tailed Pigeons that are using our property, and hopefully pull in more
birds, we will provide you with additional bird seed to place around the
bird feeders on the ground. Once there are large numbers of Band-tailed
Pigeons using the feed site, FWS personnel will come and set up a trap (a
swoosh net that drops over the birds when released) and a tracking antenna
and recorder to monitor the bird's use of the area. After the birds are
captured, they will be aged, sexed, and marked with a USGS leg band. A PIT
tag will also be placed under the bird's skin that will allow us to monitor
future visits, using the tracking antenna and recorder placed near your
feeder, by any PIT tagged marked Band-tailed Pigeons from your location or
possible from other banding stations in the Four Corners region. If you are
interested in learning more about the Band-tailed Pigeons that visit your
feeder and helping out the FWS with this project, please contact Dave Olson
(contact info below).

[image: Inline image 1]
Casey Setash
Fort Collins, CO

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