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In case you are interested in the first occurrence of Oregon State
University's Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (EECB) Seminar
Series. The Webex link to view remotely is provided here:

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*Subject:* Reminder: EECB Seminar today 4pm LINC302

*Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology Seminar TODAY*

*January 10th, 4pm, LINC 302*

*Unparalleled conservation opportunity: indigenous lands and large scale
conservation of Amazon forest, the Kayapo*

Dr. Barbara Zimmerman

Director Kayapo Project, International Conservation Fund Canada,
Environmental Defense Fund


Over the past three decades, Kayapo indigenous territories of Brazil have
proved formidable barriers to forest destruction in the midst one of the
world’s highest deforestation zones. International NGOs support a program
of conservation and sustainable development in the almost 11,000,000 ha
block of Kayapo Indigenous territories that forms the last large block of
forest surviving in the southeastern Amazon.This vast area—twice the size
of Costa Rica—has high conservation significance, being rich in
biodiversity and large enough to protect large scale ecological processes. We
seek to build capacity of Kayapo local institutions and communities for
economic and ecological sustainability.


Barbara Zimmerman researched ecology of an amphibian and reptile community
in a central Amazonian forest of Brazil for her MSC (University of Guelph,
Ontario) and PhD (Florida State University) degrees. In 1989 she became
involved with the indigenous activist movement of the Kayapo Indians of the
Brazilian Amazon. Dr. Zimmerman oversees the design, implementation,
coordination and funding of conservation and development programs with
Kayapo communities. The objective of these programs is to improve Kayapo
capacity for continuing to defend and sustainably manage 11,000,000 ha of
their natural forest lands in the highly threatened southeastern Amazon.

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