Date: 1/10/18 7:59 am
From: Will Cook <cwcook...>
Subject: (fwd) Wilson’s Warbler, Wilmington, NC
Jamie Adams is having trouble sending emails to Carolinabirds...
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Date: 1/7/2018 5:56 PM

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Had a nice Wilson’s down the street from my house in Wilmington today. If your interested in looking for it, head to the entrance of Cabbage Inlet Rd where it intersects with Masonboro Sound Rd. There is a property just to the North of Canbbage Inlet Rd that is for sale called Fales Landing. Park in the entrance rd for that property and that is where I saw him. Will see tomorrow if it’s still there. Was super cooperative for photos.

I went to the beach for sunset at the North end of Wrightsville and there was thousands of gulls. Someone mentioned a fish kill further up creek. They probably are coming in to roost at the inlet after feeding. I did not have my scope but I wager there are some rare gulls in there.

Also of note at Wrightsville Beach, mega flocks of American Robins feeding like crazy in the melting roadways. Drive slow. Still some black ice. Saw 4 wrecks.

Finally the Woodcocks continue, the street next to mine had a lawn with 3 feeding actively.

Great birding but i fear at the birds’ expense.

Will post pics to my blog later.

Jamie Adams
Wilmington, NC

Will Cook - Durham, NC
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