Date: 1/9/18 9:07 pm
From: Cheryl Lish <cdlsueno...> [slocobirding] <slocobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [slocobirding] Likely future Raven nest location
I don't typically disclose nest information but I believe this is far
enough away from disturbance and on private property - hopefully no one
will be climbing the tower! LOL
Driving on Turri Road from Morro Bay toward Los Osos Valley Road I stopped
to watch a few raptors and ravens near the last curve and before you get to
the high point and start down hill toward LOVR - where the high power lines
cross Turri Rd. There was a vocalizing Raven perched high on the first
tower on the east side of Turri Rd. It flew down to a platform on the left
(from my location) side of the tower where I could see a mass of sticks,
and vocalized again.
Additionally, just something I found interesting...a few months ago, taking
the same route I saw a Raven drop into the tall dry grass and come up with
a ground squirrel on the west side of the road and take it to the large
rocks below that tower to consume it's prey. The past couple of years I've
noticed a reduction of ground squirrel activity / holes in the greater area
surrounding those towers. Also seems like there are fewer ground squirrels
farther west around the windmill water tank - at the long straight stretch
of road. I've seen as many as 5 Ravens in that area in the past.
Cheryl Lish Arroyo Grande

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