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Subject: Fwd: [IBLE] Rose-breasted Grosbeak?
Sorry, when I sent this out earlier I didn't include the location. It was in my back yard in Idaho Falls.


Kit Struthers
Idaho Falls ID

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Subject: [IBLE] Rose-breasted Grosbeak?

I was surprised late this morning when I looked out the kitchen window and saw what I think was an immature Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It was definitely a grosbeak! Deciding between Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Black-headed Grosbeak was my only problem--realizing that neither one should be here now.

The first thing that caught my eye was that it was a larger bird than the House Finches nearby. Large, heavy bill, brown back and wings with wingbars, strong face pattern, and then what made me decide it's more likely a Rose-breasted than Black-headed was the pale buffy wash underlying the streaks on the upper breast.

It first appeared in the mountain ash, moving around from branch to branch and then flying to the mud room roof. I hurried to get my camera, but, of course, it disappeared while I was out of the room and didn't come back.

Kit Struthers


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