Date: 1/9/18 5:13 pm
From: Mike <gardenbug99...>
Subject: [COBOL] Redmond CBC Summary
The Redmond CBC was held on January 3, 2018 in foggy conditions that hampered visibility for much of the day in some areas.

Thanks to all of the participants and feeder counters. We had a good contingent of both.

All the information that follows is based only on information from 2009. When I mention “on record” I am referring to only since 2009.

Kimdel Owen undoubtedly had previous records but neither Sherrie nor I have been able to find them.

The Redmond CBC was not conducted in 2014 by the leaders decision and in 2016 because of too much snow except for Mark Gonzalez.

This years count of 69 species was the lowest on record.

Total bird count, 12,400, was the second lowest on record. (12,198 in 2015)
Average for the five years from 2009, to 2013, is 15,752.
Lesser Scaup was a first miss since 2009. Average numbers is 97/year
Only 17 Bufflehead, average is 165 for 6 years.
Six Common Goldeneye are lowest on record. Average is 117.
Northern Harrier, 2. Lowest on record. Previous low is 15 in 2015.
Great Horned Owl, 11. Previous high was five. Big increase is thanks to Damian who led an early morning owling trip. This also resulted in the first Barred Owl on record.
Hairy Woodpecker, one, only one previously in 2010.
Blackbilled Magpie, 209. Previous high was 165, in 2014.
One Stellars Jay was recorded as a new bird, but records show two in 2015
Robins totaled 1761, a high number, but nowhere near the record of 3894, in 2011.
Surprise! Starlings at an all time high of 2816.
House Finch also all time high at 2816, previous high was 2420, in 2015.
Lesser Goldfinch are trending up. Had 147. Previous high was 60 in 2015.
American Goldfinch trending down. Thirty-six is second lowest on record.
Notable misses were Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Western Meadowlark.
Best new bird was a single Greater Scaup at Fireman’s Pond.

If you have questions or corrections, let me know.
Mike Golden

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